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Afri Kash!

You've got Kash!

Afri Kash is an African mobile microloan lender offering customers with short-term non predatory loans.

Currently available on Android and USSD.

Coming very soon to: Cameroon, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda.

How It Works

About Us

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Unique offering

Mobile-only, low-cost service delivery that allows for profitable servicing of previously unprofitable borrowers.


We are strong advocates for financial inclusion, women empowerment and youth employment.

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We differentiate from the others with our direct customer access, training, transparent rates and low default rates.


We are a fully registered and licensed company based in Kenya and rolling out multi-country strategy beginning with Cameroon, Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania in 2020.

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Afri Kash’s accessibility to the mass market will be uniquely diverse and will enable clients to leverage a wide range of technologies to access our services:


To ensure that our services are accessible at all times and our customer data for transaction processing and servicing is both secure and disaster proof, Afri Kash will have:

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  • PCI compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).
  • Anti-money laundering
  • CISA


  • Private cloud
  • Public cloud

Expansion Strategy

Afri Kash’s strategy is to target unbanked and under-banked clients not currently served by existing mobile lenders in Africa.

Unique distribution strategy leveraging existing APEX sales channels that are prevalent throughout Africa. In Kenya, this includes over 100,000 agents.

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Our expansion plan for 2020 includes Uganda, with registration, promoters set up, and establishment in country, entering the Ethiopian, Cameroonian, Nigerian and Rwandan markets as a standalone solution and also with Software as a Service (SaaS).

The expansion plans will attract new markets in West Africa, by crossing into Ghana, Senegal and Ivory Coast in the early phase and following it up with Tanzania and DRC by end of Q4 2021.

Simultaneously reach in southern African markets by 2022.

- Kenya 2018.

- Uganda, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Cameroon and Tanzania 2020.

- Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mozambique and DRC 2021.

- Zambia, Senegal and Botswana 2022.

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Contact Us

To find out more about our services contact us at: info@afrikash.net

We are also available online here: